Maple wood case cover for Samsung Galaxy S3 (maple)Maple wood case cover for Samsung Galaxy S3 (maple)
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Maple wood case cover for Samsung Galaxy S3 (maple) Maple wood case cover for Samsung Galaxy S3 (maple) Maple wood case cover for Samsung Galaxy S3 (maple) Maple wood case cover for Samsung Galaxy S3 (maple)
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Weight 75.00 g

Maple wood case cover for Samsung Galaxy S3 (maple)

Maple wood Case Cover for Samsung Galaxy S3. This iPhone case is made of real wood with a natural looking finish match your Samsung Galaxy S3. Our wooden covers are of the highest quality ensuring a perfect fit and durablilty.

Real wood
Perfect fit
High quality
Fine quality print design with professional laser machines

Maple wood case for samsung
Maple wood cover for samsung
Maple wooden case for samsung
Maple wooden case for samsung
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Steve jobs samsung case
Steve jobs samsung cover
Steve jobs samsung case
Steve jobs samsung cover
Steve jobs samsung case

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